Do Not Be Afraid To Use A Luxury Limo Service In NYC

In many New Yorkers” minds, the word “limo” summons up a picture of the rich, famous and glamorous people arriving at a nightclub or theatre, etc in an extravagantly long, stretched vehicle of one of the more famous makes. Yes, such people are always doing this and no doubt they hire their transport from a Luxury Limo Service In NYC. However, this does not mean that ordinary mortals like you and I cannot or should not use the same service.

What Is A Luxury Limo Anyway?

From somewhat obscure linguistic reasoning, a limousine was the word given to describe a vehicle with an enclosed passenger compartment with open driver’s seat in front. The word comes from a hooded cloak worn by people in the Limousin region of France. This garment somewhat resembled the covering of a carriage and was later used to describe an automobile with a permanent top that extended over the open driver’s compartment. As automobile design progressed, motors for the wealthy kept an interior partition to separate the owner from the driver and these were sometimes referred to as limousines.

However, in today’s parlance the separation of driver and passenger need not be required for the vehicle to be called a limousine. In fact, the term “limo” is used for just about any luxury sedan or saloon car. Usually, a chauffeur is required to drive the limo but it can still be called a limousine when it is being self-driven.

Obviously More Expensive Than A Self Drive Sub-Compact

There is an old saying that you get what you pay for, and this holds true for car hire services. Small cars cost less than large ones and self-drive is cheaper than chauffeur driven; this puts Luxury Limo Service in NYC at the top of the price tree, but this does not mean that the prices are far beyond the reach of anyone not rich and famous.

For example, to take you and your family to the airport to start your overseas vacation does not require a fancy stretched limo with TV and a cocktail cabinet. Depending upon the size of your family, a chauffeur driven luxury sedan, SUV or passenger van would be sufficient to get you all comfortably and efficiently to the airport at a significantly lower cost. Remember, stretched vehicles are not the only ones available from a Luxury Limo Service In NYC.



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