Precautionary Measures After Orthopedic Surgery

Orthopedic surgery can fix many skeletal ailments. If you are a candidate for this type of operation, you will be prepped extensively before you are admitted to the hospital or surgical center. You also will be closely monitored in the minutes and hours following your procedure.

When you are finally allowed to go home, you are, for the most part, in charge of pain management, physical therapy and regaining mobility. By listening to the instructions given to you by your orthopedic surgeon in Barrington, you can be back on your feet quickly and experience relief from your chronic pain.

Wear Surgical Stockings

Your orthopedic surgeon in Barrington will tell you to wear surgical compression stockings on your legs if you had surgery performed on the lower part of your body. The stockings prevent the formation of blood clots in your legs. They keep your blood flowing and do not allow it to pool in your legs or feet.

You may receive the stockings from the orthopedic facility that performs your surgery. Otherwise, you can find them for sale at your nearest big-box retailer or pharmacy. Your surgeon may advise you to wear them for up to 10 days after your operation.

Walk Despite the Pain

After surgery, you may be advised to walk as soon as possible to move your lower extremities, even if you have to use crutches or a walker. Walking helps prevent blood clots and also relieves pain that comes from sitting or lying down for too long, allowing you to heal faster from your surgery.

You can find out more about undergoing orthopedic surgery online. Contact Gitelis Orthopedics to find a surgeon, make an appointment or get details about recovering from surgery.


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