Truck Chipper Bodies – Efficiency Tips

If you are in the forestry, landscaping, or tree maintenance industries, you may have one or several trucks with chipper bodies. A trusted truck body manufacturer in Fresno CA can give you custom options for your trucks, but it is up to you and your employees to make sure you run a safe operation. Here are some important chipper-shredder tips to make sure your crew works smoothly, efficiently, and avoids serious injuries.

Size Matters

A custom truck body manufacturer in Fresno CA offers several sizes for truck chipper bodies. Smaller bodies are lighter and give you better fuel mileage. However, if your trucks have bodies too small, they may need to make more trips to load and unload debris. This uses more fuel and is more time-consuming. Make sure you choose a chipper body which can handle the workload.


Ask your truck body manufacturer in Fresno, CA, about maintenance features before you choose a chipper body. Some are designed for quick loading and unloading. Make sure to choose a chipper system which is made to resist corrosion. For example, some have coated box interiors to resist damage from the process of chipping.


Injuries cause lost time, added insurance claims, and sometimes legal issues. Make sure your workers wear approved hearing protection devices while working with shredders. These machines can make a great deal of noise, which can damage hearing over time. Loud noise exposure is related to other health issues like stress and hypertension.

Eye protection is extremely important. The process of chipping can send both large and small pieces of wood and debris flying in all directions. Eye protection should be complete and include side view shields too.

Hard hats and gloves are essential. All workers should have frequent safety discussions with management, to make sure they understand what to do and which things must be avoided.


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