Orthopedic Doctors in Crestview, FL Determine Nerve Functioning Through EMG Studies

Many innovative types of approaches are being used by orthopedic specialists today. One of these types of innovations includes nerve conduction and electromyogram (EMG) studies. These studies are performed to check the functioning of a nerve. In order to perform the test, the nerve is stimulated by a low amount of current at various points along the nerve pathway. This type of process enables a doctor to evaluate a site and make a diagnosis.

How an EMG Is Performed

While EMG refers to the electrical assessment of muscles, it extends to nerves as well. Orthopedic doctors in Crestview, FL perform an EMG in the office. Therefore, hospitalization is not required. An EMG usually takes from 30 minutes to as long as two hours, depending on the degree of assessment. No special preparation is generally needed for the test and it can be performed at any time.

Orthopedic doctors who use the non-invasive test to make diagnoses do so to determine such conditions as the following:

* Lumbar radiculopathy
* Cervical radiculopathy
* Carpal tunnel syndrome
* Cubital tunnel syndrome

In addition, specialty practices such as Panhandle Orthopaedics use the latest in EMG testing methods. By using a computerized approach, doctors receive results from the testing more quickly than when traditional EMG methods are employed.

Sharing the Diagnostic Results

Not only that, but orthopedic doctors can share the results with patients by means of one of various Internet-enabled electronics. This type of revolutionary test offers patients a sophisticated and convenient method of assessment.

By offering leading-edge services such as cloud EMG, orthopedic doctors make it possible for patients to receive tests that are streamlined and easy. In addition, the results can be shared securely online. If you have a specific orthopedic concern, it is good to work with physicians who use the latest innovations to keep you apprised of any issues along these lines.


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