Potential Problems With Refrigerator Compressor Parts

The very core of any refrigeration system is the compressor. Its purpose is to keep the system running smoothly and keep it cool by pumping the refrigerant gas into the condenser from the evaporator. There are several types of compressors and refrigerants to perform this task. If the refrigeration system is to remain functioning optimally, maintenance must be current on all refrigerator compressor parts. Failure to do so can result in costly repairs resulting from the occurrence of various refrigerator systems problems.

Common Refrigeration System Problems

In any refrigeration system, a variety of problems can occur. These range from the airflow glitches to the wrong amperage and the presence of non-condensables. Below is a simple list of some of the more common problems that may assail the system

* Electrical winding failures: Sometimes poor piping will result in he bearings becoming worn down

* Poor piping practices: A failure of enough oil returning to the compressor during a run cycle.

* High discharge temperatures: This results in the production of acids in the actual oil or high superheat

* Insufficient air flows: This occurs across both the condenser and evaporator coils

* Suction pressures: They are far too low

* Liquid refrigerant flooding: It reverses its flow, backing up into the actual compressor

* Failed or locked-up compressor bearings: This is usually the result poor piping practices. As noted above, the oil clogs within the system ensuring not enough oil flows back to the

* High discharge temperatures: High head pressures or causes this problem

These are all reasons why it is essential to establish a routine maintenance schedule. Such a procedure will allow you to recognize and replace any faulty or troublesome refrigeration compression parts before they cause any serious damage. By establishing a regular maintenance period and having a professional periodically check and assess the system’s condition, you will help prevent any component of the system from breaking down when you need it the most.

Refrigeration Compressor Parts

The compressor is the very heart of any refrigeration system. It requires it to be in perfect working order to fulfill its function. By providing proper care and paying attention to details, the compressors of your system will continue to provide your facility with maximum refrigeration cooling when needed.

Keep in mind that your cooling system is NOT a single entity. It consists of many different components. If you want to ensure years of trouble-free functionality, keep up the maintenance, but also have it checked out by a professional annually. He or she will determine if any of the systems refrigeration compressor parts will need replacing. This, like regular maintenance, will make sure the facilities or the products will stay cool no matter what the temperature is outside.


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