There Are Tile Miracles Happening in the Minneapolis-St. Paul Area

Tile Tools

Whether you are a tile contractor or a DIY homeowner, Tile This is your one-stop-shop for all of your tiling needs. For 45 years, tile industry names such as Schluter, Rubi, Sigma, Nuheat, RTC, Raimondi, Alpha, plus many more can be found online, or in the store. The mission is to have what you need when you need it.

In Floor Heating

During those cold months, in-floor heating is such a cozy way to stay warm. NuHeat and Suntouch floor heating systems can fit into any room in the house to give your family comfort that is energy-efficient using the latest heating technology and thermostats. How about installing a NuHeat shower mat giving your shower that spa-like experience.

Knee Pads

Comfort when installing is one of the keys to productivity. Usually, the knees are the area of the body that is the hardest hit. It is good to know that ProKnee offers custom pads that are the best when needing knee and shin protection. You have a choice when it comes to foam thickness and width. More time on the floor means more profit in your pocket.

Miracle Sealants

When it comes to a strong finish, Miracle Sealants offers a line of products that take first place in the tile industry. Offering a line of sealers, cleaners, and grout removal products, you can expect expert results. This line also offers products for your kitchen, bath, and bar countertops. Miracle Sealent products are great to keep handy in the home.


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