Property Division Lawyers in Sugar Land, TX Help Divorcing Couples Who Have Reached an Impasse

Dividing marital property during a divorce is one of the most important issues a couple must face. When they do not have much in the way of assets, deciding who gets what is usually not a long, complicated process. When the marital property includes real estate, expensive vehicles and stock portfolios, attempts to evenly divide these items can become contentious. Property division lawyers in Sugar Land, TX can help when a divorcing couple reaches an impasse.

Attorneys from an organization such as The Vendt Law Firm may encourage the two individuals to participate in mediation to negotiate on various matters. This offers a significant chance for each to have the situation resolved at least somewhat satisfactorily, whereas taking the issue to court leaves it in the hands of a judge. During mediation, the spouses learn to view the property division more objectively and to see the other person’s viewpoint more clearly. offers more details on this particular organization.

Sometimes, the mediation process brings about insight into why one person feels the way they do about a particular possession. For example, consider a person who inherited stock from a parent after that parent had worked for this company for many years. If these shares had been incorporated into the married couple’s mutual portfolio, it becomes part of the marital property. Although technically these shares are nothing more than their cash value, the stock may actually have a sentimental value to the person who inherited them. They may rebel against the idea of splitting the portfolio in a way that would require selling some of that stock. Property division lawyers in Sugar Land, TX can help the couple arrange their division of assets, so the person is allowed to keep all those shares. That person will, instead, offer payment of another sort to keep the division even.

To divide property relatively amicably, it’s crucial for the spouses to be willing to negotiate on certain aspects. The process will not work if one or both spouses feel too angry, vengeful and bitter to cooperate. Yet each individual must understand the risks of litigation and that the judge may not rule in their favor.


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