People Who Need A Muffler Should Visit Auto Parts In Seymour, CT

Have you ever wondered why cars have mufflers? Well, cars would be very noisy if they did not have them. Mufflers shrink the loud noise and pressure caused by engine exhaust. In addition, the muffler helps to get rid of exhaust fumes and other gases. When the exhaust system leaks, everyone can hear the loud noise, but people cannot see the gases that may affect the driver and passengers in the car. The car needs to be repaired as soon as possible. Hiram Percy Maxim is credited with inventing the muffler. Maxim liked to experiment with engines but disliked combustion. His muffler for gas-powered cars was developed in 1899. Interestingly, he was also credited with inventing the silencer for firearms.

People with muffler trouble need Auto Parts in Seymour CT. Contact General Muffler and Auto Supply so the vehicle can be repaired. A car’s internal combustion engine builds up pressure and increases the loud sounds made during combustion. Most cars use four-stroke cycle engines. The pistons make a series of movements and the burned gas has to be expelled. The gases go into the exhaust, travel down the catalytic converter and muffler. The muffler redirects the pressure back towards the engine with a resonator chamber. This chamber controls and directs exhaust into the baffled chamber. There are at least two baffles inside a muffler. The baffle is a tube with holes drilled through them. The inlet baffle expels exhaust and leads the fumes into the outlet baffle.

People who understand Auto Parts in Seymour CT will tell you that there are all types of mufflers. Some drivers prefer glass packs which is a straight through design. The gases travel down a perforated pipe surrounded by fiberglass that absorbs the loud noise vibration. Meanwhile, some drivers love cherry bomb mufflers that don’t restrict as much of the back pressure and sound a lot louder. In fact, cherry bombs are often used on race cars. People really need professional help to repair mufflers today because the technology is more sophisticated. In addition, many car manufacturers make mufflers that are specific to the car. For more information you can visit them on Google+


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