Your Exhaust System

When it comes to the exhaust system on your automobile, most people think it’s a very simple part. You may think it consists of a muffler and a tail pipe. As a matter of fact though, the exhaust system on your vehicle is very important to your safety and to the performance of your car. When it comes to keeping your exhaust system operating properly, first you need to know what the components of your exhaust system are, and what part they play in keeping your car performing the way it should. Once you know that, you can find the right local garage that services exhausts in Petersfield. Here is a list of the major components of your exhaust system, what they do, and where to go to have them serviced properly.


Your manifold is a very important part of your exhaust. It is usually made of cast iron and is located on top of your engine over the cylinder head. Each cylinder of your engine produces hot gases to power your vehicle. The manifold collects the hot gases from each cylinder and directs them to the exhaust pipe.

Catalytic Converter

The next major component in the exhaust system is the catalytic converter. The downpipe carries emissions from the manifold to this part of the exhaust. The main job of the catalytic converter is to keep the environment clean. It reduces the harmful contaminants released from the engine. By doing this is converts the dangerous emissions from the combustion of your engine into harmless gases. There is a catalyst inside the converter that uses a chemical reaction to clean the emissions from the engine.

Oxygen Sensor

The oxygen sensor measures the oxygen content in the exhaust. It then sends that information to your vehicle’s engine control unit.


Most people know that a muffler reduces the noise your engine makes. Some mufflers reduce more noise while others can boost your vehicle’s horsepower. Some vehicles also have a turbo charger that increases horsepower as well. The tail pipe then carries your vehicles emissions to the back of your vehicle where it is released.

All these components have to work together to ensure your entire exhaust system is working properly. If your exhaust system is leaking usually you can hear a change in your engine’s noise levels. Some things however, require a professional to plug a diagnostic computer into your vehicle to tell you exactly what issues you may have. If you feel there is a defect in your exhaust system, you can find a local garage that services exhausts in Petersfield. Visit website for more information.


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