The Dentists in Layfayette LA Can Save Your Tooth

When your tooth has a cavity, it is constantly being damaged. As the damage progresses, this can lead to tooth death. To avoid losing your tooth, you need to make sure you seek treatment from the Dentists in Lafayette LA. If caught and treated in time, the dentist can help to repair your tooth so you do not lose it. If you have never had cavity treatment, allow this information to prepare you.

When you come in with a cavity, you will first be fully examined and the dentist may X-ray your tooth. This will reveal how deep the cavity runs so the dentist will know what type of treatment needs to be carried out. It will also determine whether or not your tooth can be saved or needs to be extracted.
The Dentists in Lafayette LA will first numb you so you feel no pain. This allows the dentist to treat your teeth while you feel completely comfortable. It will also help to prevent any pain just after your procedure is finished.

Treatment will involve the removal of your decayed areas. The dentist will remove these areas so your tooth is no longer being damaged. Once these areas have been removed, this will leave behind openings that will need to be filled.

The dentist can offer you different types of fillings, depending on your needs. Most people prefer using composite or porcelain fillings because they are white and blend in well with your tooth so the filling is not obvious. There are also metal alloy fillings you can choose from.

The filling material will ensure your nerve is sealed and no food can enter into your tooth. Sealing off your tooth helps to protect it from further damage. Fillings can last for many years, but may need maintenance if they become loose or broken.

If you are experiencing a cavity, you need to see the dentist right away. If you are ready for your appointment, click here for more info


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