Packaging Printing: The Digital Evolution

Packaging printing is a market that continues to grow and evolve. Fueled by technology, the experts see it expanding by as much as 6.26% into 2020. Among the many trends that will affect packaging are those specific to printing. The one most projected to grow in the coming years is digital printing.

Digital Printing: Evolution Not Revolution

Digital is the latest form of printing to establish a hold in the printing market. It set up its initial claim in labelling for packages. While not explosive in nature, it is slowly gaining ground. For cartons and other forms of cardboard and linerboard printing companies, the move can be an exciting one. It is part of the ever-growing move of technological innovation in the cardboard box and corrugated and fluted carton industry. It is particularly advantageous for designers who work hard to produce high-end packaging while keeping costs low.

The entire move towards digital printing has increased the level of competition for such things as product packaging as well as displays in stores and at trade shows. While, in the past, it has been restricted to customization and personalization of certain special and custom designs, it can now join the everyday world of product packaging creation and manufacturing.

Advantages of Digital Printing

Digital packaging printing provides a variety of advantages.

* Customization – it can produce highly personalized or customized packaging for any company

* Cost – although still considered expensive for short runs, newer technology and other aspects of the results make digital printing increasingly more cost-effective than analogue printing processes e.g. no need for plates and simplifying turn-over and prep times

* Adaptability – the ability of digital to quickly adjust to changing demands by manufacturers and consumers alike

* Versatility – when it comes to colors, shapes, languages and related options, it is very hard to beat digital printing

As it continues to improve, as technology continues to increase the speed and abilities of digital, it will become more of a norm than a popular and growing trend.

The Digital Evolution and Package Printing

Companies do have a choice when they work with clients to choose the method for printing the message, design or other pertinent information on packaging. Technology has continued to open up options from which to choose the right and most viable method. One of the current trends in printing is digital. According to the experts, this one will not fade away. In fact, it will continue to grow as a significant means of packaging printing over the coming years.


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