Why Use a Special Mixing System for Starch Adhesive?

Starch adhesive is efficient and economical. In fact, it is used in a wide range of applications, including the corrugated cardboard industry. However, how this kind of glue is mixed and applied can make a big difference in efficiency. This is why some companies are using what is called “next generation” mixing modules and special processes for their gluing and sealing needs. Here is more about these mixing modules and the many benefits they can provide.

How do Next Generation Mixing Systems (Kitchens) Work?

By redesigning mixing tanks and adding a special VDS, viscosity detection system, the process of creating glue can be controlled easier and will create a superior product. For many years, the only way to improve glue and reduce the amount of starches used, involved adding a lot of chemicals. This can get expensive and of course, the process is not eco friendly. Next Generation Systems effectively solve this problem. Here are some of the good things they have to offer starch adhesive production:

* Additives are reduced – some materials and chemicals which used to be required are no longer needed. This can save a great deal of money and simplify the entire process of mixing.

* Less starch required – this is a cost effective benefit.

* No need to treat the wash water

* Binds to just about any kind of paper

* Lower temperatures required for mixing – a good way to save energy.

* Consistency – you can make the same glue products time and time again and the viscosity and tackiness qualities will be the same each time.

Fully Automatic

This is a very important feature of next generation systems. Because they are completely automatic, there is no need for constant supervision. This not only saves time but also labor, as there are no manual processes required. This alone can greatly lower the cost of your operation.


A next generation starch adhesive mixing system can utilize a wide variety of starches. This includes tapioca, potato, wheat and corn. This can cut costs and make it easier to obtain materials.

Viscosity Detection System

Thanks to a patented viscosity detection system, the mixing process is improved and simplified. There is no longer a need for viscosity testing because you are assured of the proper thickness at all times. This new way to mix starch adhesive can save you money and increase production and quality. This kind of equipment investment should not take long to recoup.


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