Orthopedic Pet Surgeries in Lorton, VA: Trust the Experienced Professionals

When most people hear the word “veterinarian” and the phrase “pet care,” they think of preventive care, vaccinations, examinations, and checkups that help keep cats, dogs, and other pets healthy and happy. But there is a lot more to the services available from experienced and skilled personnel, including orthopedic pet surgeries, spaying, neutering, and microchipping.

Experienced, Careful

Surgery can be very stressful for pet owners and for the pet. That’s why it’s so important to trust your family pet to the experienced, careful hands of professionals who monitor the pet’s health at every step along the way. Methods include EKG results, heart rate, temperature, blood pressure, and respiration rate, all to make sure that your pet remains healthy during preparation for surgery, during the procedure, and after the process is complete.

If your pet has musculoskeletal problems such as bone and joint problems or has been injured, you can rely on the skilled professionals at Business Name to provide the best care available. You will always be fully informed at every stage and will have plenty of information about proper care after the surgery. The plan will include pain management and the staff will work closely with you to adjust care to ensure full recovery.

So Much More

In addition to orthopedic pet surgeries in Lorton, VA, you have access to a complete range of veterinary services, including spaying, which keeps your female pet from adding to the millions of animals that don’t find homes and, unfortunately, have to be disposed of. This procedure can also have additional health benefits, helping your pet live longer. The same line of thinking applies to neutering male pets.

If you need to schedule orthopedic pet surgeries or another procedure, you might also want to talk with a member of the staff about high-tech microchipping, a great method for keeping track of and recovering lost pets. You can also connect them on Facebook.

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