4 Common Mistakes That Ruin Transmissions

While transmissions are pretty tough parts of a vehicle, they can be damaged or even ruined if some basic maintenance isn’t observed. Understanding what can make your transmission run less efficiently, or even damage it entirely, can be a great way to learn how to take care of your vehicle between visits to the best transmissions shop. Here are four very common things that drivers do that can ruin or damage a transmission.

1. Ignoring Problems

One of the worst things you can do for a transmission is to ignore any problems that pop up. Some drivers feel like if their car is running and getting them from Point A to Point B, they can afford to wait to visit the best transmissions shop for those little noises or strange behaviors that signal something is wrong. But ignoring problems can lead to much bigger problems. What was once just a sign that you needed some fluid topped off, could quickly become a need for a transmission replacement if you ignore the problem.

2. Running the Vehicle with Low Transmission Fluid

Your transmission fluid needs to be kept filled because the various moving parts need lubricant to work correctly. Transmission fluids should be checked regularly, not only for the fluid level but also to be sure the fluid isn’t too dirty.

3. Letting the Transmission Overheat

When the transmission overheats, it can lead to total transmission failure. When the transmission shows signs that it is getting too warm, you need to turn off the car and let it rest so that it doesn’t overheat and stop working on its own. And if it doesn’t die at the moment, overheating by a few degrees even once can cut a transmission’s lifespan in half.

4. Not Having Regular Tune Ups

Your transmission does need a regular tune-up about once a year to ensure that it is running properly. It will need to be cleaned out, to have the fluid replaced, and to be looked over to ensure that it isn’t suffering from any leaks or other problems. Just by doing this one tune-up each year, you can alleviate problems before they become much bigger things that can ruin a transmission.

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