Orthodontists: How They Differ from a Dentist

The primary goal of a dentist and an orthodontist is to provide their patients with quality oral care to maintain a healthy mouth. A dentist provides the overall general care for their patient’s mouth such as checking for cavities, removing harder and plaque, and examining them for gum disease. While orthodontists in Albion area provide the specialty care that focuses on correcting misaligned teeth, occlusions, and correcting the bites of their clients. While orthodontist can provide general dental care to their patients along with specialized services, a dentist cannot provide all the services that an orthodontist offers.

How an Orthodontist Can Improve Smiles

Orthodontists in Albion can provide the services required for gum disease, tooth decay, root canals, or crowns. They even specialize in helping to align their patients’ teeth by using braces to correct an overbite or under bite. They can even provide the services required to help correct a mouth that is crowded with teeth. They even specialize in the care of treating issues with their clients’ jaws such as temporomandibular disorders. While a dentist can provide some of the same care that orthodontists do, it is important when you require orthodontic care that you seek out a specialist that has experience in this field.

Gain the Smile You Desire with a Trained Professional

Whether you require braces or routine dental care, you want to select the right specialist to provide you with the oral care that you require. At All Smiles Dentistry, they offer a variety of services such as diagnosing and treating periodontal disease along with general cleaning of their patients’ teeth. Their skilled staff has the knowledge and training required to provide cosmetic dental services that can help enhance their clients’ teeth. If you are looking for an affordable and trusted dental service, you should schedule an appointment today to be seen by one of their certified dentists.


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