Make Your Call Center a Solution Center

One of the primary gripes that many customers have with call centers is the amount of time it takes to get anything done. This does and includes time spent on hold listening to a repeat of a message saying how valuable their call is and please continue to hold. The fact is that a lot of call centers are operating on technology that is now obsolete and ineffective. By upgrading to modern auto attendants, you will create a much more satisfied customer while reducing wear and tear on your front line call center staff.

Real Response

Unlike voice recognition, a modern voice response auto attendant is much more natural. Callers can speak with the auto attendant, responded to queries, and behave just as if they were speaking with a live person. Very often, the preference for speaking to a live person and the behavior to do an end run around the automation comes from a belief that auto attendants cannot be responsive to the customers’ requests. This might have been true with older models that could only direct calls, and not answer questions or help the customer. A modern auto attendant is just like having a cloud-based employee.

Upgrade Time

Naturally, business owners can be very apprehensive about the word “upgrade” – seeing it as an expenditure of capital for an unknown result. However by investing in network infrastructure, software, hardware, and training you will notice that your call center runs more efficiently, is more productive, and has higher morale. Additionally, your customers will report higher satisfaction with your company, and satisfaction at being able to handle most of their own issues. The thing that customers want most from a call to the call center is an effective solution for their issue, now you can help them get there all on their own.


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