What Are Sedation Dentists in Batavia?

In short, sedation dentists in Batavia can help both children and adults get the dental care that they need. When you visit the dentist, if you need dental work like fillings or extractions you will be given a local anesthetic to numb the area that is being worked on so that you do not feel the pain. In many cases this is the standard of care and it is sufficient to help you get through the procedure without pain. In other cases, a local anesthetic is not the best option. Sedation dentistry involves providing the patient with medication that helps them to relax for a painless and stress free experience. For some people the idea of getting a shot in the mouth is very upsetting to the point where it is an intolerable idea. Other cases where sedation dentists in Batavia area is a better choice is:

  • For children
  • For extensive work
  • For adults that suffer with dental anxiety

It can be very scary for a child that needs dental work to sit in a dental chair for a long time. It can also be difficult for a child to tolerate injections in their mouth. Sedation allows them to relax and have the work done without any anxiety.

Extensive Work
Depending on the amount of work that you must have done, sedation may be just the ticket to dealing with the amount of work. With sedation dentistry, you can tolerate more work at one time, which means you get on track for good oral health quicker.

If You Are Afraid
If you are afraid of the dentist you are not alone. Many adults fear the dentist, and avoid them because of it. Sedation allows you to get the care you need minus all the anxiety.

Genesee Dental provides sedation dentistry options in Batavia NY!


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