Misting Nozzles: Common Classifications

One of the more important components of any misting system is the nozzle. Misting nozzles provide the means through which the water pressure is transferred to the air in miniscule or larger droplets. In fact, the water pressure in combination with the apertures or openings that form a part of the nozzle, determine the strength and size of the water spray that emerges from the hose.

Not All Misting Nozzles Are the Same

When it comes to purchasing a misting nozzle for your system, or looking at what types come with a system, it is important to realize that there are different types. Misting nozzles are characterized in diverse fashions. They may be described as cleanable, or are referred to as having a single tip or even miniature. However, the most common way of looking at them is as either impellar or impingement nozzles.

Impellar Misting Nozzles

Impellar nozzles are the most common type of misting nozzle. It is employed in residential, industrial and commercial uses. The pin, an integral part of the nozzle and its impellar, is located inside the overall barrel-shaped nozzle body.

The opening of this type of misting nozzle is small. It is also possible to remove the impellar in some models to clean the nozzle. This can effectively extend the life of misting nozzles. Some impellar misting nozzles also come equipped with a device that prevents dripping when it is turned off.

Many people or companies prefer impellar misting nozzles for two good reasons:

  • They are inexpensive when compared to other types of nozzles used in misting or cooling systems
  • They produce fine water droplets suitable for a variety of commercial, industrial and residential situations

Such attributes make impellar misting nozzles among the most practical and viable nozzles on the market.

Impingement Misting Nozzles

Impingement misting nozzles may also be considered for your cooling and misting system. They have been less popular and common than impellar nozzles because they are more expensive. While impingement nozzles may be employed in a similar fashion, they are often reserved for specific and even specialized applications because of the direction and type of water flow. They can also be easily distinguished from their competition nozzles by the placement of the pin.

The pin, unlike that of the one found in impellar misting nozzles, is found on the exterior. It is outside of the nozzle head. This makes it more vulnerable to damage. If the model is not carefully designed or lacks quality, the pin may actually move from its proper location. This can produce an irregular flow of water. Alternatively, the change in position may result in the pin breaking and falling off the misting nozzle.

Choosing the Right Misting Nozzles

There are two basic types of misting nozzles: impellar and impingement. Each serves a purpose. When it comes to cost, however, many will not choose the impingement type of misting nozzle. Instead, they will opt for the impellar. This factor alone has ensured that impellar misting nozzles have remained the most common and popular of all categories of nozzles.

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