Ulthera: How it Can Help You

Many people who are looking for a way to lift sagging and tired looking skin feel like there is no option other than surgery. In fact, there is now a non surgical option that is taking the beauty world by storm: Ulthera. This is a non surgical way to improve the overall look of skin with absolutely no invasive treatments. Ultherapy treatments focus on the deeper layers of skin tissue. These are actually the very same layers of tissue that a surgeon will access when they are performing facial surgery, but Ultherapy treatments can get to the necessary areas with no incisions and no negative impact on the skin’s surface.

Most people who get Ulthera don’t realize that it actually uses ultrasound technology. This technology is sophisticated enough to allow the doctor or practitioner to actually see the deeper layers of the skin that they are targeting. This means the energy can be very precisely placed and will have the desired outcome. Essentially, Ultherapy works from the inside out. When the deeper skin layers are triggered to produce extra collagen, the results will soon be evident in the skin’s surface. After an Ultherapy treatment, the skin usually begins to look more hydrated, younger, and fuller.

Ultherapy can be done in a variety of places, with the face being the most popular area. The face tends to show aging before other areas of the body in many cases, and Ultherapy is often done under the eyes, around the eyebrows, in the neck area, and beneath the chin. While those areas are usually the most popular for this treatment, they are not the only areas that the treatment may be appropriate. Any portion of the face where there is significant loose skin (also known as laxity) may be the ideal area for Ultherapy.

Recovery from this type of treatment is very simple, especially when compared with surgery. Many patients can go back to their usual routine almost right away. Be sure to talk to the practitioner about recovery and what to expect long term. Longevity provides Ultherapy and a host of other non invasive cosmetic procedures.

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