Venturing Into The Field Of Online Writers

Writing online is a field from which many have made a living. Some individuals put in full-time hours on their computers, and others work as Online Writers while pursuing other positions too. Exploring the work of Jane A. Foley can help interested parties to see that his experience is a very real possibility. However, people also must put in the time and effort. Individuals who want to pursue this type of writing should dedicate themselves to learning proper grammar and spelling. Also, they should understand that different styles of writing exist, and the platform for which they write may require a specific style.

Not only do they need to understand how to properly form written pieces, but Online Writers must gain an understanding of the field’s jargon. For example, they should know that fluff writing means superfluous information that is added to reach a word count, and these budding writers should recognize the debate that exists over the serial comma, often known as the Oxford comma. That way, they will know what editors, managers, and other writers are saying when they discuss the final products. People who want to venture into the online writing field should also understand that revisions are parts of the process.

Expecting that every piece will go through without any revision requests is unrealistic. Sometimes, editors will require more content or details about a specific subject, and in other cases, the pieces will need another round of proofreading before they are accepted. Individuals should also set up realistic expectations about how much money they will make and understand that demand for written pieces governs their income to some extent. Diving right into writing online full-time without getting a feel for the field is unwise. Writing part-time for awhile, to see what skills need sharpening and how much income is generated makes sense.

Writers should also understand that they have a variety of different platforms for generating content. Some will produce pieces for third-party platforms that act as mediators between the clients and the writers. Others will start their own blogs, and still others will put their writing efforts into articles for journals. Experimenting with different types of online writing allows people to discover what they like. You can also follow them on Twitter for more updates.


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