Microderm Classes: Discover How To Provide Effective, Safe Treatment

Helping people to have the youthful, healthy skin they want is a rewarding career that will always offer new and innovative products and techniques to discover. Proper training is needed for this type of work because many of the products and tools in use today are dangerous if used incorrectly. Permanently scarring a client is one of the most tragic moments a cosmetologist or aesthetician can experience. It is also almost always avoidable and can be career-ending. Microderm Classes prevent this type of event by providing students with everything they need to know about the treatment method.

Understanding the Treatment

All technicians performing micro derm services need to understand exactly how it works. It is not enough to explain that the treatment can remove fine lines and wrinkles and rid the skin of scars and sun spots. It is important to understand how the removal of the dry, dead surface skin through this method actually accomplishes the feat of eliminating what chemical peels and facials cannot.

Know Who Benefits

Not everyone is a candidate for microdermabrasion, and knowing who will not benefit or what clients may experience unpleasant side effects will help to avoid negative results. The classes help students to know when to recommend the service and when someone is better off with another method of treatment. Students also learn how to easily and effectively explain these reasons to their clients.

Appreciate Complete Care

It is not enough to know how to operate the system. Clients experience the best results when they have the best pre-treatment care, as well as follow-up services, and are given good advice about caring for their skin at home. Technicians must understand what is involved before, during, and after the treatment in order to advise their clients. This will lead to the best possible final result for each client.

Microderm Classes offer classroom education and hands-on experience. Every student has the opportunity to learn more about skin types, skin conditions, and the importance of accurately explaining the process to every client. In addition, the student will perform treatments in a supervised setting to help them improve their techniques. Contact South Hills Beauty Academy to learn more about this advanced course. You can also like them on Facebook for more information.


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