Why Many Businesses Rely on a Commercial Foundation Contractor in Washington, DC

Washington D.C. commercial buildings, like area homes, are not built directly on the soil. They are so heavy that their weight would eventually cause them to sink. As a result, builders install foundations during construction. However, foundations can be damaged and cause all sorts of structural problems to buildings. As a result, most area businesses eventually need the services of a commercial foundation contractor in Washington DC. Experts specialize in correcting structural flaws and protecting buildings against future problems.

Why Foundations Become Damaged

Some clients contact Worldwide Waterproofing and Foundation Repair, Inc. because their buildings were not constructed correctly. A slipshod foundation can lead to a range of problems and thousands of dollars in repair work. Even when foundations were carefully built, the soil underneath them can shrink and cause settling. Shrubs and trees near buildings may affect moisture levels and make settling issues worse. Buildings with poor exterior drainage often suffer from foundation cracks. Even plumbing leaks can eventually erode soil and make it hard for foundations to support a building’s weight.

How a Foundation Problem Affects Buildings

It is fairly easy for anyone to spot the signs of foundation problems, although it takes a Commercial Foundation Contractor in Washington DC to fully diagnose them. Symptoms include brick or concrete walls with stair-step cracks. Basement walls may bow out, chimneys lean and doors often stick or fail to close completely. Floors can become uneven or “bouncy” and cracks often appear near windows and doors.

What Professionals Do to Repair Problems

Once a contractor has identified the sources of foundation issues they provide custom solutions. The first step is to correct causes like plumbing leaks. Once the sources have been corrected, experts often resolve settling issues by adding foundation piers. They are installed below the foundation and create a permanent support system that stabilizes the building. Experts also repair foundation cracks and can waterproof crawl spaces and basements.

Business owners and managers in Washington, D.C. often call on foundation repair specialists to correct foundation settling issues. Professionals find the causes of foundation problems and then design custom solutions that include correcting the sources of problems, installing support systems and waterproofing crawl spaces.


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