Marlboro Cigarettes Are the Gold Standard in Nicotine

by | Mar 27, 2015 | Tobacco


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Marlboro Cigarettes have been the leading brand of cigarettes for generations. Offering many different flavours and boldness levels within each flavour, it’s odd to see someone smoking anything else. Marlboro is a branch of the Phillip Morris Corporation and perfected the full flavour and menthol cigarette.

Typically, when someone says they smoke Marlboro cigarettes, consumers will think of the red box, known as Marlboro Reds. This is Marlboro’s most popular cigarette, but it is far from the only one. Marlboro cigarettes come in Red packs known as full flavour, gold packs known as light, green packs known as menthol, and silver packs known as ultra-light.

Change in Cigarette Descriptions According to the Law

Recently, not more than a decade ago, Marlboro cigarettes were recognized by colour, but named based on the boldness of the flavour. For example, Marlboro lights, now called the gold pack, was changed from being called light due to it being confusing to customers. In some cases customers believed smoking lights were better for their bodies. However, the cigarettes were called lights based on the less bold flavour. The lighter the cigarette, the thicker the filter, making a puff on a cigarette more difficult. The cigarettes’ titles have changed, but the cigarettes have not.

The Marlboro Difference

Smokers across the board will tell anyone, “Marlboro tastes better.” Why? There is a huge difference among Marlboro and other major brands. Marlboro lacks an after taste. Most other brands of cigarettes leave a gross taste and feeling in the smoker’s mouth. Other cigarettes also have a more intense smell, making the second hand smoke seem stronger and harsher. Marlboro has nailed a formula that tastes as great as the original, and has continued to further Phillip Morris’ knowledge of tobacco and nicotine to create and enhance many other flavours and products.

Marlboro Isn’t Just a Cigarette

Marlboro has ventured into other products besides just cigarettes. Aside from the increasingly popular E-Cigarette, which contains zero nicotine, Marlboro has also began making a type of chew called, Marlboro Snus. With all of the products and the many followers Marlboro has, it would seem that their product creations are working.

Marlboros are a product that will never lose its top spot. Smokers are very picky, and require the same type of cigarette every time they buy a pack. It is very uncommon for any smoker to buy a different kind, even to save money. No product will ever be able to steal the spotlight. Marlboro has reinvented itself for every new generation of smoker. They have even taken into consideration the economy, by releasing special blend cigarettes, which taste oddly similar to their regular blend counterparts. Marlboro is the standard in cigarette quality, and in sales.

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