What to Look for in a Web Design Portfolio

These days the Internet is important to every industry from the production of raw materials to the consumer. Any business with a website must have an effective template. A great web design in Kenya goes beyond beautiful pictures and well-drawn graphics. If your businesses site is only there to be beautiful, your company is missing out on a lot of opportunities. Take a moment to consider what are your enterprise’s marketing goals and let those guide your actions and decisions. Unless you are a very experienced computer code specialist, this process will likely require hiring a firm or contractor. Before agreeing to anything, look through the portfolio and look for the following elements in past designs.

The first thing to look for is a strategic layout. Your web design in Kenya should tell a captivating story to make sure your visitors stay and continue reading your blogs, pages, and other information. The layout should organize the site’s material and highlight the most important elements. For instance, repair services usually make a point to have easily accessible warranty information. Ask yourself this question: if you were a customer, would it be easy for you to find out what you need and want to know about the business? Common goals include things such as driving traffic to the online store, encouraging filling out contact forms, and increasing email newsletter subscriptions.

You web design in Kenya should have readable and interesting typography. Simply put, the font should be appropriate and attention grabbing. In example, newspapers may use an old style script for headlines and a more toned down, professional look for the content body. This is not as quick as picking out a few compatible fonts. There must be some thought put into font size, style and family. Headings and calls to action can be more playful and fun, but generally, the body should be a bit professional and very easy to read. If anything is too difficult to read or scan over, this can deter visitors from exploring your website further.

While the beauty of web design in Kenya is not the sole goal, it is still important that your company site has a cohesive color scheme. Different colors, shades, and schemes can inspire a range of emotions in your audience. Think about how the colors are used to draw the eye to and from various objects or areas. A properly designed website will use this element to achieve goals like drawing people to the online store via a flashing button. Contrast, and complementing is key to using color well.

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