Safety Tips for Modern Machine Shop Services

Today’s machine shop services may have a great deal of sophisticated and high tech equipment. Some CNC machines are capable of a wide range of tasks and can do precision work faster and with more accuracy than just a few years ago. However, with new technology comes a renewed need to go back to the basics of shop safety. Here are important safety tips every shop worker should keep in mind.

1. Don’t Use Any Machine in the Shop without Sufficient Training.

Modern machines are not as difficult to use as in the past. In fact, some machine shop services do not require an experienced machinist to perform. However, without sufficient training, a host of problems could develop, including personal injury.

2. Do Not Work by Yourself.

This is even more important when performing manual tasks. Even with computerized machinery, it is not safe to be in the shop by yourself if you are using equipment. This eliminates safety issues which could occur. Someone could get trapped in equipment accidentally or may slip, fall and become incapacitated. By having another person there, you create a much safer work environment.

3. The Shop is No Place for “Casual Fridays” or Special Occasion Dress.

Many businesses relax the rules on dress for certain days. Although this can be a great way to relieve the monotony of office work, it’s never a good idea for machine shop services. Everyone must keep these dress rules in mind each day:

* Sturdy shoes

* Long hair put up

* Eye protection

* No long sleeves

* No bulky jewelry

4. No Impaired Workers

Each year, impaired workers cause a huge amount of accidents on the job. Employees must be reminded about illegal drugs and alcohol. However, over the counter and prescription drugs can be just as dangerous if they cause excessive drowsiness or an inability to concentrate.


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