Long Distance Movers in Connecticut: Tips for a More Pleasant Move

A long-distance move takes a lot more planning than in-town moves. It needs organization and thought to avoid spending more time and money than budgeted. Here are five tips to help make the adventure a lot more tranquil.

Hire Professional Movers

A professional moving company is a necessity for most families. Long Distance Movers in Connecticut have developed formulas that enable them to produce accurate estimates, they know the safest and most reliable routes and have all the equipment needed. Their experience saves their clients time and money.

Create a Checklist

It is easy to forget to go to the post office one last time or to pick up the cleaning at the laundromat. No one wants to remember a forgotten item or task once they have driven a few hundred miles away. Hiring Long Distance Movers in Connecticut makes it easy to let go of a lot of the responsibility, so it is easier to focus on these types of personal items.

Clean out Junk

Do not put anything in a box unless it has a use or a strong sentimental value. Consider the cost of transporting boxes of non-necessities and how that cash would be more useful for setting up a new home. Do not take anything perishable. Food will spoil, and houseplants can die on a long move. Moving companies ban these items due to the risk of insects, rodents and mold. Follow their lead and keep them out of personal vehicles too.

Pack with Care

Color code boxes for each room of the house. Number each box and make an inventory list of what is inside. Label when a box has glass, electronics or other delicate items inside. Keep the boxes light so they are easy to carry and so they will not crush anything when stacked on the truck.

Get Vehicles Serviced

No one wants a breakdown to ruin the joy of a new beginning. Visit a garage a couple of weeks prior to moving day for a complete service and inspection. It is much easier to coordinate a move from home than from a motel on the highway while waiting for a repair.

Long distance moves take time, organization and effort. It is more likely the effort will be problem-free when working as a team with the moving company. Visit Website Domain for more tips or for an estimate on any commercial or residential move. You can also visit them on Google My Business.


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