Cost Cutting Tips When Hiring Moving Companies In Charleston, SC

Buying a new home in another city near Charleston, SC, within the state, or even in another state is an exciting time. While home prices have been steadily on the increase in Texas, many families have a limited budget to work with when hiring moving companies to complete their relocation.

If you are in this situation, it is important to realize that you are not alone. The vast majority of people that hire moving companies are on a budget, and movers have the ability to work with you to try, whenever possible, to complete the move within a reasonable budget limit.

There are also some simple strategies moving companies in Charleston, SC suggest to assist those planning a move to help to reduce the overall costs. The more of these ideas you can incorporate the lower the cost of any move will be.

Choose a Basic Moving Package

A basic moving package will allow the movers to wrap, pad and load your items, including furniture and boxed items, and then unload them at the destination and place them in the desired locations in the home.

This means that the moving companies will not provide packing services or unpack boxes, but they typically do break down of large furniture items to provide safety for the items during the move.

Additional services such as packing, electronics disconnection and reconnection, home theater take down and set up and even cleaning for moving out or moving in will add to the cost.

Limit Weight on the Truck

All moving companies will charge by distance, weight on the truck and services provided. While you can’t change the distance, you can lower the cost by lowering the weight. By selling, donating or otherwise getting rid of large, heavy items of furniture it is possible to substantially reduce the cost of a move.

Plan Your Move in Advance

Contacting moving companies well in advance of your move and asking about moving specials, seasonal rates and any incentives they may have either currently or upcoming can be very helpful in getting the best possible price.

If you have the ability to be flexible in your move timeline out of your Charleston home, apartment or condo this can be a great option. Some moving companies may offer additional services at that basic move price as an incentive, which may also be a good option to consider for anyone.


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