Professional Pest Control Services: They’re Better Than DIY Options

Most people find pests in their home and immediately rush out to the store to buy chemicals and products to remove them. While these products may seem inexpensive, they may not be as cheap as the label would suggest. For one thing, you’re paying money to spray harmful chemicals all over your house, which could harm pets and children. Furthermore, you aren’t getting to the root of the problem.

What Type Of Pest?

The first thing to determine is which pests are invading your house. For example, carpenter ants won’t respond to typical ant traps. Whether you have ants, spiders or other bugs inside the home, there are thousands of varieties and species and it may be necessary to know which one you’re hosting to treat it and eliminate it correctly. Low Country Pest Specialists knows the various species of unwelcome guests, can determine what infestation you’re suffering from, and create a plan of attack.

The Source

You see ants moving swiftly across your windowsills and you’re pretty sure they’re coming in from outside. However, what happens if you notice them on the bench? Unless you can see exactly where they go, you’re not going to be sure from where they’re coming. Spraying the individual ants or other bugs does little, because you’re not killing the nest.


Most professional pest control services in Charlotte, NC offer guarantees, so if you notice the same ants or pests, they’ll come back and operate a second time. Likewise, they may offer maintenance plans, where they come to the property once or twice a year to ensure that there’s no recurrence of the problem. You won’t get these guarantees with DIY sprays and bait traps.


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