Items to Check Off for the Home Heating Oil in Norwich, CT for Maintenance Before Winter Sets In

by | Feb 1, 2016 | Oil and Gas


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Before the temperatures take the plunge, the heating system should be moved to the top of the maintenance list. When winter arrives, these items can be more difficult to take care of. This is some of the things to check with the heating oil system before winter becomes official.

One of the items on the list is to check whatever oil is left in the tank. Since the last usage of the season, the heating oil has been settling in the tank. Debris and natural condensation from the spring and summer can get into the tank. This can contaminate the home heating system. This is essential before testing the system. If contamination is found, the tank should be flushed and the contents replaced with new Home Heating Oil in Norwich CT.

The tank and piping in the system should be also inspected prior to turning on the system. Check for leakage of oil or potential flaws in the piping that could cause issues later on. Checking the system now can save thousands in costs later on. Since both winter and summer can be difficult on the oil system, it needs an inspection. This is especially true if the tank is not buried or enclosed in a protective shed.

After the inspections and the testing, the tank needs to be filled with Home Heating Oil in Norwich CT, before turning the entire system on. This will ensure the system is operating on clean oil for the start of the season. Testing the system will help identify any potential leakages or issues with how the system is utilizing the oil. This testing is necessary after the system has been sitting idle for so long. Problems discovered during the testing process can usually be easily resolved before weather conditions make it difficult to work on the heater.

During Autumn, the heating system should be pushed to the top of the maintenance list. This is typically the best time to do it before plummeting temperatures create an additional difficulty. Take time to test the oil, inspect the system, and test it prior to the winter season to ensure that it is operational for the upcoming season. Take the time to browse this site for more information.

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