Cooking With Propane Gas in Guilford

Some grilling purists frown upon using propane gas in Guilford to cook with. They claim that the flavor from a charcoal grill is superior. The good news is that extremely flavorful food can be produced on a gas grill. It’s possible to have the best of both worlds. The ease of use of a propane gas grill with great food.

Adding Flavor

To get a grill using propane gas in Guilford to mimic the flavor produced by a gas grill, some special seasoning might have to be added before looking. There are liquid seasonings that can be poured on food to help with flavor. Letting the food marinate in the seasoning for a few hours can help produce a more powerful flavor. Some people will marinate their food overnight. A person will have to experiment to find out what works best for them.

Heat Matters

One of the things that help charcoal grilling produce the flavor it does is the high heat. Anyone using a propane grill that wants to copy this effect can just turn up their grill to the highest setting. That will help sear the food and get the proteins to mimic what happens to them while undergoing charcoal grilling. Because propane is so efficient, it doesn’t take long for a gas grill to heat up. Anyone who needs propane can visit a place like

More On Heat

There are other ways to increase temperature other than just turning the setting to high. With a charcoal grill, a cover helps to reduce heat. The opposite happens with a gas grill. It’s possible to make a grill even hotter by closing the lid before putting the food on it. A baking sheet placed over the heating grates will help build intense heat that can last for a half-minute. Although it doesn’t last long, the heat burst can help with searing in flavor.

Propane gas makes grilling easy and convenient. All that a person has to do is turn on their grill, and they can cook. There isn’t any messing around with messy charcoal. Copying some of the flavor given by a charcoal grill isn’t difficult to do. Smokers can be added to propane grills so that wood chips can be used.


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