Professionally Administered Juvederm in Waimea: What Each Patient Should Know

FDA-approved Juvederm was created by the same company that offers Botox. While both products are injectable and can reduce the look of aging, they are very different in how they work. Botox relaxes the muscles where it is injected, causing facial lines to fade. Using Juvederm Waimea cosmetic surgeons are able to plump the skin where it is injected. This can reduce drooping skin, make the face look fuller and more youthful and will eliminate fine lines and wrinkles. It has even been effective in reducing the appearance of heavy folds in the skin and may even help to make some scars appear less noticeable.

Juvederm is known as a dermal filler. It uses a substance called hyaluronic acid to act as the filler. This product is naturally occurring in all mammals and is safe to use as a cosmetic treatment. The process takes only minutes, the results of the injections are apparent immediately and the improvement can last for as long as a year. It is applied directly under the skin only in the areas where it is needed.

The side effects of Juvederm injections are mild and are usually only apparent for a few days. These can include redness, swelling and bruising. Some patients may also have some discoloration or itching around the injection site. Infection is possible but is a very rare occurrence. The injections may cause some discomfort when they are administered, but the doctor can apply a topical anesthetic if this is a concern.

To receive injectable treatments like Juvederm Waimea residents can go to a spa or salon, but the procedure is safest method is when it is performed by a trained medical professional like David K. Hiranaka D.M.D, M.D. This ensures the room and all of the equipment will be fully sterilized. The injections will be given properly and the correct amount of filler will be used. The staff at a medical facility can perform the procedure as quickly as a salon, will have a lower risk of side effects and will always make certain that each patient is happy with the final result. Patients can request a consultation prior to their procedure to give them more information about what to expect. You can also vist them on Facebook for more information.

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