The Most Important Factors in Choosing a Warehouse Location

Choosing where to locate your warehouse is something that can impact every area of your business. Often, you will search for a location that is convenient while searching for a rental price that is reasonable. Where your warehouse is can influence how efficient your business runs. We’ve compiled a few factors to keep in mind while searching for the right warehouse in Birmingham, AL.

Location of Customers

It’s always an excellent idea to choose a warehouse near your customers. This allows you to quickly delivery purchases to them, which is convenient for the buyer. This also will allow you to have less expensive shipping charges. This will make for happier customers who are willing to order things from you again in the future. You can’t beat having loyal customers so consider this when choosing a warehouse in Birmingham, AL.

Availability of Labor

Being aware of your labor needs is an important part of choosing the right warehouse. If the workforce you need isn’t available near your warehouse, you will end up spending more on salaries to ensure you are fully staffed. Sometimes it’s more important to choose a warehouse in an area with a workforce to save money and make things more efficient. It can also be a good idea to investigate the demographics near the warehouse, including income levels and average education.

Proximity to Shipping Services

Another factor to consider is how close your warehouse in Birmingham, AL is in regard to your shipping and carrier services. You want to be located close to customers as well as shipping options, so it is convenient for everyone involved. You may want to determine a distance that you prefer not to go outside of when it comes to reaching customers and manufacturing.

Requirements for Storage

If you have any special requirements for your products, you need to consider them from the beginning. Products that are fragile, flammable, or hazardous need special care taken around them. You should make sure those accommodations are available at the warehouse you choose. You will also want to consider how much you need to store and whether that is likely to change in the near future.


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