Improve Your Safety in Workplace Emergencies

You hope workplace emergencies don’t happen, but sometimes they do. The good news is that if you are aware of potential emergency situations, you have time to prepare yourself and your team for them. How can you get your workplace up to speed for an emergency? Hiring an emergency response team to work with you is a great step towards workplace preparedness.


If you find the right team, they have all of the training necessary to handle any emergency in your workplace. However, the main benefit of an emergency team isn’t that they have all the knowledge, it’s that they train your people to have it, too. They can train your workers in basic first aid, CPR, and other medical emergency knowledge. They also offer training for environmental emergency situations, such as what initial actions to take if a coworker is trapped in a confined space.


Emergency teams do not leave you completely on your own after training. If you have a situation that’s too much for your team to handle, the emergency team can come help. This is where training for your team is helpful, as they can begin vital, initial steps while the professionals are on the way.

Sense of Safety

Workers who feel more prepared for emergencies have a better sense of safety. Workers with a better sense of safety are more productive workers. So not only does bringing in an emergency team make your workers feel safer, it makes them more productive. It also increases the likelihood that workers stick around, reducing turnover.

Safety for New Positions

If you are introducing new positions or moving employees around in your business, there is a learning curve. As they learn the details and demands of the new position, safety might not be their highest priority. Having a team as backup offers an extra safety blanket at a time when employees’ minds aren’t on safety.

If you need an emergency response team, contact Code Red Safety. Find them online at


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