How Prosecutors Differ From Defense Lawyers

A lawyer is a lawyer in the eyes of most people. They fail to truly recognize the difference between Defense Lawyers and prosecutors. While both represent individuals in a court of law, the prosecutor is there to protect the rights of the people and any victim or victims of the crime. The prosecutor is charged with ensuring the justice system remains fair while working to achieve these objectives. Furthermore, he or she must prove the defendant is actually guilty of the crime he or she is charged with.

A defense attorney, in contrast, is there to protect the rights of the accused. No person should be falsely tried in a court of law or prosecuted unfairly. Thus a criminal defense lawyer works to ensure they are not. The attorney does not need to prove that his or her client is innocent, as many believe, but to advocate for the defendant and represent him or her until the case is settled. There is no need for the defense lawyer to present evidence or question witnesses to prove innocence, although attorneys often choose to do so. It all depends on the facts of the case.

Furthermore, defense attorneys don’t have law enforcement officials to investigate a case. They must do their own investigation or bring in one or more third parties to handle this task. However, any evidence or information obtained by law enforcement during their investigation must be turned over to the defendant’s attorney. The same does not hold true for defense attorneys. Any information or evidence they gather during their investigation may be withheld from the prosecution. These are only a few of the similarities and differences between prosecutors and defense lawyers.

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