Important Information About Your AC in Sparks, Nevada

As you escape the sweltering summer heat by chilling indoors, the thought may cross your mind as to how on earth did people cope before the invention of air-conditioning? It’s hard to imagine not having AC in Sparks, Nevada, or nearly anyplace for that matter. But fortunately air-conditioning is pretty standard these days.

Air conditioners are considered appliances just like a washer or dryer and provide cool air by bringing outdoor air inside and drawing it over an evaporator coil. The evaporator coil contains a liquid called Freon which serves as a refrigerant cooling the hot air. Air-conditioning units are complex mechanical pieces of equipment requiring specific conditions to perform their best. Due to the number of components within the AC unit, there are some potential issues that can occur requiring the expertise of an HVAC professional.

* Leaky Ducts – The leading source of wasted energy in a home involves faulty or leaking ductwork. Over 40% of an air-conditioners energy can be lost through inefficient or leaky ducts. Not surprisingly, ducts are usually taped together with duct tape, which in time, dry up and fall off. In addition to wasting cooled air, leaking ducts permit contaminants like moisture and allergens to enter the home too.

* Dirty Components – In order to operate properly, the evaporator coils must be able to absorb heat from the air, which means they be free of dirt and debris and cold. The incoming air must also be able to move inhibited over the coils for them to function correctly. Dirty filters are often the main culprit in cases of reduced air flow. Clogged filters force air-conditioning units to work harder which impacts the unit’s longevity.

* Signs of Water – All AC in Sparks, whether window units or whole-house units, will have a tube in which condensation flows into a floor drain or condensation pump. What is not normal and a potential indicator of problems is water pooling around the unit. If this happens, contact an HVAC repair professional who can inspect for a ruptured or blocked tube or pump failure.

Sometimes the problem is as simple as the thermostat accidentally getting turn off if the unit doesn’t start. Routine maintenance is as necessary for air-conditioning units as any other appliance. Visit us or the website of an HVAC professional regarding maintenance that the homeowner can perform to ensure their air-conditioning system remains in top-performing order.


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