Getting ready to put a house on the market

When you have decided to sell your home chances are your realtor will tell you to make it as attractive as possible. You may not want to invest heavily with new paint and fixtures but one thing that will not cost a great deal but will certainly make it eye-catching is a thorough cleaning.

There is only so much that a airbnb cleaning service can do, getting rid of clutter is not one of them. Before the cleaners come in, you should go through it and get rid of anything that can be considered to be clutter. Things that you have had for years tend to pile up in the basement or garage, needleless to say the house looks smaller than it really is. When you have finished getting rid of all the accumulated “junk” you will be surprised at how spacious your home looks.

Now it’s time to clean:

Once the clutter has been disposed of it is time to bring in the airbnb cleaning service. These people do this type of work for a living, they know better than anyone where to focus their attention for maximum impact.

The cleaners know that potential buyers of the home spend most of their time in the living room, kitchen and bathroom, they also know the entryway is always the first thing anyone entering the home sees so its special attention.

There is a considerable amount of publicity about the damagers of mold; as a result prospective home buyers will keep their eyes open for evidence of mold in the bathroom in particular. The airbnb cleaning service will use bleach or cleaners containing bleach to remove any stains from the grout, shower doors and floor.

When you present your home in the best light it will sell faster and for the best price. The new owners will appreciate the fact that you have given them a clean home to move into.


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