Problems Treated By Sports Medicine Specialists

In the world of medicine, Sports Medicine Specialists are focused on physical fitness injury treatment and prevention. While it has always been common for major sports teams to have doctors who focus on sports medicine, it is only in the last few decades that sports medicine specialists have been treating non-professional athletes just as often as professional athletes. The people who see a sports medicine doctor today may have any problem ranging from a bruise to a torn ligament to some type of muscle trauma.

The goal of sports medicine is to rehabilitate the injury so that the patient is able to get full use of their body again. The type of treatment used will vary by case and by sports medicine treatment provider. The focus is often on strengthening. After a person is injured, they are often left with a dramatically reduced ability to use the injured part of the body. This is true even if a surgical repair is done. For example, a person who has a surgical repair for an ACL tear will be quite weak immediately after their surgery. The sports medicine treatment provider will often be the one who helps them to gradually condition and strengthen the area so that it can be used again. Most people who go to a sports medicine specialist are able to get back to full strength again. However, in the case of injuries that can’t be fully repaired, the sports medicine specialist will help the patient regain the maximum level of wellness possible.

While sports medicine providers treat injuries like muscle, ligament, bone, and tendon issues in most cases, they may also help with chronic illness. Some chronic illnesses may impact a patient’s ability to perform at the fullest physical level. For example, asthma. A person who has asthma may get help from a sports medicine provider on a regular basis to prevent and manage their asthma so that it does not interfere with their ability to perform up to their full ability.

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