HVAC Troubleshooting

What are some common problems with an HVAC system? Below are some common areas of concern and potential solutions. If you are having problems and are considering options for HVAC troubleshooting, Audubon, PA specialists can typically come out to do a service call quickly.

Why Isn’t It Working?

If your furnace or air conditioner has stopped working, calling in a repair technician is probably the best way forward. It might be a minor repair to get things working again. Unfortunately, it might be time to replace your furnace, air conditioner, or HVAC system.

If the system is working and you’re having other issues with it, you might also be best to call in a local professional who can troubleshoot HVAC problems and make recommendations for a repair or quote you on a replacement.

High Electricity Bills?

Have your bills suddenly risen with no apparent reason? Open windows, forgotten baseboard heaters left on, dirty filters making your system work harder, and heat pump problems can be to blame. Troubleshooting and a system tune-up could make a marked difference.

Noise Furnace or Air Conditioners

Has your HVAC system gotten extra loud? Something simple might need balancing. A valve might need replacing. A bearing might also need to be replaced. Something minor could be to blame and addressing it quickly could help you avoid more costly repairs due to neglect.

Whether HVAC troubleshooting leads to discovery of problems with a compressor, pump, motor, or some other issue, here’s an important tip to consider:

HVAC maintenance programs can be very advantageous! Regular maintenance can make your system last longer, run better (with lower utility bills), and can help you lower the chances of unexpected breakdowns.

Expired Warranty Problems on HVAC Systems

If your system is out of warranty, replacement might be necessary. A repair might also be possible. Troubleshooting Audubon, PA HVAC systems is best done by a professional. Whether it’s dealing with electricity, natural gas, or water it’s almost always the right choice to call in a professional to help you determine the best way forward.


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