What’s better, car dealer or private vendor?

If you want a new car or light truck you have no option, you must purchase it from a recognized automobile dealership. If you want to purchase a used car your options are a little wider; you can still buy at a dealership but you can also purchase directly from the current owner.

Dealer vs. private party vehicle purchase:

There is a considerable amount of paperwork involved in buying a car; transfer of ownership, releasing a lien if any and arranging financing. When you opt to buy a used car from a recognized car dealer in Oak Lawn you can leave all the documentation to the dealer, they will look after it. Conversely, when you buy a used car from a private party everything is up to you, all the seller wants is to sign over the title and take his or her cash. Perhaps the biggest benefit of buying from the current owner is the ability to negotiate a better price; this is especially true if they have a pressing need for money.

The pros of buying from a car dealer:

As noted, the cumbersome paper work will be dealt with by the dealer, but there are other benfits as well:

   * A car dealer in Oak Lawn can arrange financing, usually at a competitive rate.
   * A certified pre-owned car comes with a warranty and has been subjected to a battery of tests and repairs were made where necessary.
   * You have a much wider selection when you shop at a car dealer.
   * You can trade your current car in and apply the value against the price of the car you are looking at.
   * There is legal protection when you buy a car from a dealer.

About the only “con” is the fact that the price may be a little higher with les room for negotiations.

When you buy from a private party there is no warranty, no trade-in option, you have to deal with the paperwork and there is a lot of running around to do before you find the car you want.

Buying a used car from a car dealer in Oak Lawn is far better than buying from the current owner. If you want to see a great selection of high quality used car and light trucks you are invited to visit Hawk Ford Oak Lawn.


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