5 Party Planning Tips for a Successful Casino Night

The glitz, the glamour, the fun—there are plenty of reasons why people love a night at the casino. However, not everyone has thousands to throw down at the baccarat or blackjack tables. Planning a casino night party is an excellent alternative.

Here are party planning tips to help you make the most out of your event:

Make an invitation list

Use casino elements and design touches. Your guests will appreciate the little details, especially if they’re creatively and cleverly used or done.

Match your décor and music

Since you’ve already decided on a theme, you’ll need to look for décor and music to match the night you’ve got in mind. To create the right vibe and ambiance, you’ll renting furniture is crucial.

Look for a party rental firm

Party rental firms can provide you with all the casino-related furniture you need, from blackjack tables to slot machines, from roulette wheels to clay chips, poker chips and more. You can even ask or custom funny money so your guests can have a cool souvenir of the night once the revelries are over.

Book ahead

If you’re planning to hold your casino night party during the Christmas season, you might face a lot of competition from other customers. Be sure to call and book ahead. By blocking out the company’s calendar early on, you won’t have to worry about not getting the rental items you need when you need them.

Clean thoroughly

If you’re doing this at a commercial venue, then go over and check to make sure it will be ready for the event. If you’re holding the party at home, make sure you clean your house from top to bottom, says Real Simple. Move away any furniture to make room for the party rentals.

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