How to Choose the Right Stock Option Software to Build Your Business

If your company needs to raise capital, you should take a close look at using the correct stock option software to provide stock options to your potential investors.

Cloudraise® offers portal software that provides issuers with the ability to easily manage their crowdfunding equity campaign on their business’s website. Individuals investing in using this software can:

Complete subscription documents.
Subscribe to the offering.
View documents about the offering.
Purchase shares.

Once you’ve chosen the stocks you wish to purchase using our stock options software, our company does the rest of the work. You’ll have the capital you need for your business endeavors, and our company does much of the rest of the work for you. Your company gains the resources it needs to thrive all from your website. And investors get a chance to get some great stock options quickly.

Other Functions of Cloudraise®

Some of the other features of using this stock options software on your website include:
Shares get issued to the investors when each offering closes. Your company’s securities become automatically issued to your investors via our SEC-registered securities transfer agent.

Compliance and Documents. We process investor due diligence, such as tax forms, AML checks, and accreditation. Blue sky and SEC filings also get done through this filing agent.
Investors also receive subscriptions to crowdfunding.
Payment processing and escrow process through the Cloudraise® using checks, wired money, or ACH.

Please contact EquityTrack today to learn more about Cloudraise® and its benefits for your company.


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