Sally Hazelgrove Music Program and Crushers Club

Every day, people make decisions about how to live their lives and what steps to take to minimize risk to their families. Yet, often, it is the things happening in the streets and behind closed doors that truly shape a person. There are tools and resources available that may provide some insight and support to help people find hope. The Sally Hazelgrove Music program and Crushers Club are a few things to consider.

What Is the Crushers Club?

The Crushers Club has a few simple goals. Founded on the need to restore the lives and improve the community outside of gangs, this club has several foundational elements. First, it is meant to show respect. It works to develop discipline. It aids in ownership and expresses a true love.

Explore the Salley Hazelgrove Music Program Offerings

The Sally Hazelgrove music program is meant to take these same components and passions and support the needs of those in the community with a passion for music. The music study is where individuals learn to write, compose, and record music that allows them to stand out on their own right.

From the success of the Sally Hazelgrove music program to the dominance that comes from the Crushers Club, there are opportunities out there for those who are really in need and seeking the very best long term outcome. Take a closer look at what these programs have to offer today’s students, looking to stay off the streets.

When considering the Sally Hazelgrove music program, look to the Crushers Club. See how they can help at


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