How to Choose the Right Roast for You

If you have ever been to a coffee shop or looked through the coffee selection at your local grocery store, you will know that there are several different roasts available. What does this mean though? How is a vanilla roast different from a dark roast, and does it even really make a difference? The different levels of roasting is something coffee distributors in Chicago and other areas take pride in. This is just a basic overview of the different roast levels, but should give you a good idea of where to start.

Lightly Toasted

When choosing a roast, it is all about the taste. A vanilla roast, that is a lightly roasted coffee bean, is going to provide you with a taste reminiscent of the origins of the beans. You will be able to differentiate between the different countries where a coffee crop was grown by the subtle flavors that can be had in a vanilla roasted coffee. These, however, can have unpleasantly strong flavors to them since they are only lightly roasted.

Meet in the Middle

A medium roasted coffee will still offer some of the origin flavors of a light roast, but will add in some of the flavors of a dark roast. Medium roasted beans often have a slightly caramelized taste, but do not have a burnt taste like some dark roasted beans can develop.

Dark Roasted

Right away dark roasted beans are going to have a bolder, more aggressive taste. Depending on how they were roasted, and the quality of the beans themselves, coffee that has been roasted to this level can give off a burnt or charred taste. Some people enjoy this, but most others want to be able to actually taste the coffee. This is where a quality bean and good roasting techniques come into play. Once the beans have been roasted to this point the lighter, earthy flavors tent to burn off leaving behind a heavy caramelized flavor.

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