The Benefits Of Using Fish Oil Supplement

Fish oil is all the rage – and has been for a while now. To some, however, it’s become akin to snake’s oil – due to low-quality retailers and fake products.

The real thing, however, is still amazing to say the least. And here’s why.

Omega 3: What Makes Fish Oil Great
Fat, one of the three major macronutrients, is actually a lipid compound created through the combination of several fatty acids. Such fatty acids have different names, and different functions. Alpha-linoleic acid, for example, comes from flax seeds and is turned into omega-3 in the body, used to lower blood pressure, help the heart stay healthy and strong, and also contributes to the protection of the body against other preventable diseases.

In fish, omega 3 is derived through eicosapentaenoic acid and docosahexaenoic acid as per WebMD, or EPA and DHA. Both of these fatty acids yield much more omega 3 than ALA, making fish the most efficient and qualitative source of omega 3, and making fish oil the best natural source of the fatty compound in existence.

Now you may be wondering – isn’t fat bad? No, it isn’t. Most of the crucial fat in your body is used in incredibly important day to day functions, from brain function to absorbing vitamins and nutrients and helping your cells survive. The superficial fat you see is the result of overfeeding – too many calories, not enough calorie burn, and thus, a large storage of sugar and fat.

Omega 3 is sorely missing from our diet, especially with the overabundance of seed oils used in cooking. Seed oils have omega 6, which while still critical, is consumed far too much of nowadays. Curbing industrial seed oil use and increasing the use of a quality fish oil supplement in the household through retailers like Amazing Nutrition will help the whole family.


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