3 Reasons To Buy Used Medical Equipment

It goes without saying that one of the most commonly indicated reasons to buy used medical equipment is the cost savings. It is true that buying like-new, used or fully refurbished equipment can cut up to 70% off the cost of buying the same model in brand new condition.

There are also three additional reasons to choose to buy used medical equipment over new equipment. While these may come secondary to price for some labs and facilities, they may also be the primary reason for making this choice for others.

Staff Understanding and Training

Each specific type, model, and brand of medical equipment is unique and has its own operational instructions and methods to use. When a lab is already familiar with using a particular model of equipment, and it meets all of the current and future needs of the lab, it makes sense to stay with that model.

Replacing an old, failing model with a refurbished or top quality used identical model eliminates staff training requirements and reduces the inevitable errors can come with changing systems.

Match the Lab Configuration

Another advantage when choosing to buy used medical equipment that is the same make and model is its integration with the current lab configuration. After all, it is simply switching a worn system for a top conditioned identical model, so there is no need to change lab setup, software or other integration considerations.

Peace of Mind

Shopping with established, reputable used equipment sellers allows buyers to have full confidence in buying refurbished medical equipment. These companies offer warranties that can last up to a year, which is very comparable to what is found with many new devices.

It is important to carefully evaluate the seller. Make sure you are shopping with a company with a top reputation for customer service, quality equipment, and top prices.


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