How to Buy an Electric Hand Dryer

For years, business owners were reluctant to install restroom hand dryers. That was because these dryers had a reputation for doing a bad job at what they were designed to do. Some of that reputation was deserved, as older models of hand dryers were slow to dry hands. That’s not the case anymore. Nowadays the benefits of a commercial hand dryer far outweigh the virtually nonexistent drawbacks. If you have decided to install an electric dryer in your company’s restroom, you might be intimidated by the wide range of available options. If you follow a couple suggestions, you will find the right dryer for your restroom.

The most popular hand dryers are high-speed models. That’s for good reason. These dryers cause moisture on hands to evaporate quickly. Because they work fast, users are more apt to choose them over traditional drying methods. They also use less electricity because they are on for a shorter time. If you are considering installing an electric hand dryer, looking at fast models is a good place to start.

Next, you want to decide how you want your commercial hand dryer to activate. Essentially, you have two options. Either your dryer can turn on at the touch of a button or with the trigger of a sensor. As you might expect, automatic dryers are more popular than manual ones for a couple reasons. First, sensor-triggered dryers help to reduce germ transmission, as operators generally use them without making any physical contact. These dryers also stop running when the infrared sensor stops receiving a signal. So, when the user moves his or her hands, the dryer turns off. That can save a tremendous amount of electricity over dryers that run for a fixed time.

With the wide range of hand dryers available, you should consider all options to make the right choice for you. Regardless of the commercial hand dryer you choose, you will find that modern dryers are effective and efficient.


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