Is a Funeral Home in Portland the Only Casket Resource?

The cost of a funeral can be financially debilitating for a grieving family, especially if the deceased didn’t leave enough money in life insurance to cover the costs. If the death is unexpected, there can be severe sticker shock for a family that decides to buy everything through their their Funeral Home in Portland. While it might seem tasteless to talk about, the truth is that funeral homes raise the costs of caskets, urns, plots and more, to more than 100% of their original cost. Being in the funeral business is lucrative, which is why there are so many funeral homes.

There are ways to save money on the cost of a funeral. One is to plan ahead. The cost of funerals keeps going up. By buying everything now, today’s prices are locked in and there will be no additional expenses in the future.

Choosing a casket from another resource can make a huge difference for a family. There are wholesale companies that offer the very same caskets that can be found at a funeral home for a fraction of the price. For example, for someone who really wants a high-end casket, there is the Promethean Polished Bronze metal casket. The funeral home price for this model is $51,600 (or more). At a wholesale casket company, it can be purchased for $29,999.

For anyone that is going wide-eyed over this cost, even the discounted rate, this is a high-end casket. It’s very expensive, but not all of them have to be. For example, the Matthews Aurora Brand Solid Mahogany Hardwood casket is around $15,000 at a Funeral Home in Portland, but can be found for $9,000 from a wholesale resource. Again, this is a premium casket.

At a wholesaler, there are caskets that range between $1400 to 30,000. All of the caskets are still beautiful, some simply have more decorative features or are built from more expensive materials. The money spent will depend on the desires of the deceased and their family members. This cost does include free one day shipping, which means it can be purchased after an unexpected death and still be available for the viewing and burial.

The cost of burying someone can be $30,000 or more. By avoiding purchasing directly from a funeral home, it is possible to provide a beautiful casket without spending too much money. For many people, this will be a big relief.


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