Using a Self Retracting Lifeline to Prevent Tragic Workplace Accidents

A self retracting lifeline is a very valuable piece of equipment to use in an industrial shop or similar type of environment. This device is designed to stop accidental falls. It is important accessory to install in your workplace to ensure the safety of your employees.

Self-Retracting Lifeline Defined

This device is anchored overhead with the ability to extend or retract automatically, and is thus safe to use. It enables you to relocate an object connected to the hoist within a certain working space, and at normal speeds. Tension is always maintained on the lifeline, and this serves to minimize accidents that can be caused by snapping, tripping or dragging. If a fall does occur, there is a break on the unit that has a speed sensor which activates automatically and stops the fall and lowers the forces imposed upon the user to safe levels.

You can purchase lifelines that come in different links, styles and configurations. Some are available at a length of 6 feet. Others can reach lengths as high as 175 feet. The type of work being done will dictate the length of the self retracting lifeline you need.

Using an Automatic Lifeline Safely

Professionals working in various industries who perform work at elevated heights often use the self retracting lifeline as a fall arrest system. However, these lifelines must be used properly in order to avoid dangerous situations from occurring.

Below are some safety tips for proper use of self retracting lifelines:

These lifelines should be installed vertically and not horizontally on their side. Doing the latter may compromise the fall distance and lead to serious injuries.

You should install your retracting lifeline overhead with the installation point located above. This is important for safety.

The lifeline device should be leading edge certified. It must be certified for use at the edges of decks, roofs, floors or any walking her working surface that changes or moves as other sections or elements are added to the existing construction.

Finally, it is crucial to learn how to properly use a self retracting lifeline in order to avoid accidents from occurring that could potentially lead to serious injury or death. Be sure to get the proper training you need if you are involved in any situation where you will need to use this safety device.


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