The exterior of a house is one of the first things people see, and if it is in disrepair, the home’s condition can cause the structure to look old and dilapidated. One of the best ways to not only improve the appearance of a home and increase its ability to stand up to the elements is to paint any exterior surfaces. Exterior painting is drastically different than interior projects and is a job best left to one of the many professional painting contractors in Honolulu.

Proper Equipment

Painting the outside of a home requires the use of high-end tools, such as paint sprayers, and taller properties may also warrant the use of scaffolding. Purchasing these items can be extremely expensive, and the learning curve associated with using them can be challenging. A professional contractor will have the tools needed on hand and complete the job in a fraction of the time it would take a homeowner.

Surface Preparation

One of the biggest blunders most homeowners make when painting the exterior of a structure is failing to prepare the surface for the new paint. This can lead to an uneven final result, and in some cases, prevent the paint from adequately adhering to the surface and lead to chipping and peeling. This is not only unsightly but can drastically reduce the protective properties that keep the exterior siding from being exposed to the elements.


Painting is an expensive and labor-intensive job, so it is essential for it to last. Painting Contractors in Honolulu will make sure the paint is applied evenly and thoroughly over all of the surfaces, which will help to increase the life of the paint job. When done correctly, exterior painting can last for up to 10 years, which makes proper application a crucial factor when tackling a project of this nature.

More homeowners are choosing to simplify exterior painting projects by hiring a professional painting company. The experienced technicians at David’s Custom Roofing and Painting provide a vast array of services that can keep the exterior of any structure looking great for years to come. Contact us today to learn more and schedule a free quote to see how affordable hiring a professional painter can be.

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