Exterior Home Trends – Blurring the Lines Between Decks and Dining Rooms

In 2017, outdoor décor and landscaping trends lent themselves to the seamless transition between the indoor and outdoor spaces. Seeking to incorporate the comfort and luxury of the interior with the spacious and interesting backdrop of the great outdoors, this influence can be seen everywhere from the way lawns are kept to the way homeowners furnish their outdoor spaces – including the deck on which everything sits.

Let’s look at some of the ways Bothell decking went bigger, bolder and more beautiful in 2017, and how it brought together the home inside and out.

City Chic

One of the biggest trends we’ve seen recently for decking and other structures is the mixing of materials and the incorporation of sleek, sophisticated elements that echo those seen in modern interior design and commercial spaces. Whether it’s a Woodinville patio that looks more like a café or a Bothell deck that feels more like an outdoor eatery, bringing pieces of the big city into the suburbs is a look that’s likely here to stay.

Distressed? Don’t Stress!

Some homeowners prefer something less button-up in appearance for their spaces. The look of distressed wood is one that is gaining popularity for decks, garden areas and more. It is also an aesthetic that frightens many aspiring deck designers because of the unique look of the wood and the perceived increase in price and upkeep that comes along with it. However, decking companies in the Bothell area know that the distressed wood look is easy to achieve with the right selection of materials – all available through knowledgeable professionals who can help you build your dream deck from the ground up.

Treat yourself and your home to a new, up-to-date deck and spend more time outside!


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